Own chilikrydda!

I do my own Chilikryddor of my dried chillies. I use a “Magick Bullet” a small blender with a knife for crushing tex spices, nuts etc..

You can also use an electric coffee grinder if you have such a.
I grind the various chilisorterna separately and then mix them to the strength and flavor I want on the spice. Do I t.e. x. Grill seasoning or “rub” so I then mix the chili with the other spices I want to get my own blend.

Some chili mal I grossly (quebrado) so that I can have them in a spice mill 8 cm diam, the on photo is a cheaper variant which is prefect to put their own label on and give it away to friends and acquaintances.

PS. Are you interested in getting your hands on the little either spice mill so contact me!

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  1. Robert says:

    I would love to know mer/ha your hands on either spice mill; looked high and low but can find no to spectacle. Email happy!

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