Snail traps!

I got a tip from Robert-Jan Massier (Pepperseeds, Amsterdam) that could make snail traps of ordinary disposable cups as they dig down so that the top of the top of the mug is about. 1 cm above the soil surface, nothing new really tips for several older farmers here on the colony has told us that beer smell attracts slugs. Today it was time to try out this tip. How do you then?

Well digging down a plastic cup (I dug down 6 St) then fill it halfway with the mugs of beer. The smell of beer will be irresistible to the snails, they climb over the mug rim and fall down in the beer and drown. One mug per square meter, according to the experts, will be sufficiently. Now you just have to wait and see if this helps with the chiliblads-eating monsters!

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