Chilli seeds from Pepperseeds in Amsterdam!

Today I got a little bit of chilli seed that I ordered from Great service and quick delivery home directly to your mailbox. I bought: Trinidad Scorpion Butch Taylor, 7 Pod Brain Strain, Bhut Jolokia Yellow, Hot Paper Lantern and so I got a small gift, Purple Serrano. Good rates the most expensive “7 Pod Brain Strain” cost 40:- cheapest “Hot Paper Lantern” cost 18:- shipping to me in Sweden 20:-

The really hot chilisorterna has a tendency to take a long time to germinate. In order to speed up germination time should I in fall/winter use a heat mat with thermostat (There are small carpets designed for terrarium) with the help of consistently high heat about 30 degrees so you can reduce germination time quite considerably.

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