Harvested seed from crossover chili.

Today, so I picked the Cayenne fruits that I tried to cross with the Dorset Naga to harvest its seeds, It became a hundred seeds. Should be fun to see what comes up from these seeds chilisäsongen 2013.

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2 Responses to Harvested seed from crossover chili.

  1. Robert says:

    Hey Stig,

    Planted these seeds this year? How was the germination? Would be an interesting intersection to test whether it falls out well during the season. 🙂

    Best wishes,,

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Robert!
      I have try to get them to germinate but they do not want to! It is usually not a problem to cross C. annuum and c.. chinense but these seeds seem to be sterile. I'll give it a try and see if it succeeds. You can get some seeds and try to, just contact me.

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