Bottle label to your hot sauce!

Now there is even a refillable template (PDF) to a bottle label for you as make your own hot sauces. This label is for smaller bottles. The bottle that I have in the picture are in glass and holds 125 ml. Is anyone interested in buying the bottle so the 15:- St including guldkork. The label dimensions are 44×60 mm. and is of course free of charge!

The label is in color but on my bottle, I have it in black and white. Print it out on a self-adhesive A4 sheets, white or transparent and cut out. It's 8 St labels on a A4.

PS. There will be several fillable labels in other sizes and designs you can download.

You can download the bottle label in my downloads

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2 Responses to Bottle label to your hot sauce!

  1. Adam says:

    If you buy bottles, You can send in what you would like to be put on the label isf? It will be the same price?
    Is there a minimum number of bottles?

    Best Regards Adam

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Adam! Yes you can decide what should be on the label a basic text “Adams Hot chili”. Then you can enter certain things on the label for example, if you want different text on some.

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