Autumn in chilihuset 2012!

Now begins the temperature creeping downhill, last night, it has only been 7 degrees here with me. My chiliplantor seems to thrive in my small chilihus but some I have taken home to the heat in the basement.

This year, many people are complaining about poor growth but I can't complain my seedlings they have never grown as large as this year and there is an abundance of fruits of certain plants.

I water my plants in that they never dry out completely and give them nutrition 2 ggr i veckan. This year I have used 2 St. various liquid nutritional support, Chilli Focus and BioBact Tomato. I will be using them next chili season even when they seem to work well.

Today got my chili Hinkel Hatz Yellow (Capsicum annuum) go to home, the fruits should be allowed to mature at home before the plant goes to the grave.

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