Winter my chiliplantorna indoor!

Now I have taken in all the plants to get through the winter in my basement. Plants have many chillies that have not matured yet so right now so I keep a temperature of approx.. 24 degrees in the room and have the lights on 14 hours/day. Then it's quite dry air indoors so showers I my plants every day with a normal pump bottle that provides a fine mist over the plants and it seems they enjoy. The plants are still growing and put both new leaves and flowers but I pick off the flowers when they are not needed anymore.

I will lower the heat to about. 15 degrees in all fruit is harvested and also cut back a bit on the lighting time. Some of the plants I'll probably even to crop something even now, so they shouldn't take as much space for the winter rest, the larger the origin I do in spring when it's time for the plants to start growing again.

How do you do, winters some chiliplantor?

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  1. Anders says:

    You have a nice site and very nice plants.

    I was going to try to hibernate a few seedlings I with. I am a very novice so we'll see how it goes.
    I'll follow your blog so I can safely get tips.

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