Now I have built a chili Cultivation Station!

I have seen that there are small farming stations to buy but adjustable height on the lights. Then the stations that I found was way too small for me, so I built one myself as I could be 2 St. hothouse on or 2 St. pluggbrätten (84 plugs in each) Size: Width 700 mm, Width: 600 mm, Height 800 mm.

How did I then? Well first, I drew up my design in 3D Google SketchUp 8 (A simple and free 3D software) Then it was just to fix the square tubing and cut and weld it all together. Lock for raise and drop in on the Light fixture had to be simple, a hole but an M8 nut on welded over and then a bunch of rods with steering wheel!

As bottom and ceiling disc I had some pieces of MDF Board Standing in the store so they have to be just to cut them and then attach them with sättlim. On the bottom disc, I then glued a 10 mm. frigolitskiva that heat mat to lie on, good to have insulation under the carpet so the heat could rise up and not warm the bottom disc.

Fluorescent light fixture is a leftover ceiling lights with reflector of any public local, in it, I have set 2 St. 18W color 840 and 2 St. 18W color 965.

I've set my cultivation station on a small balcony tables that should be taken in for winter storage!

Cost of just growing station with lighting! (heat mat and thermostat not included)

Square tubing 200:-, 4 stLysrör 100:-, 2 St dials for locking of the lighting 40:-, Sättlim 60:- grounded cable with plug 5 FT 39:-

A total of: 439:-

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  1. John says:


    Where have you gotten hold of heat mat?
    Thank you for an incredibly informative and interesting page!

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