For germinating new chilifrö for the season 2013!

For germinating new chilifrö (new to me) to document the breeding time at different temperatures and to get an idea of when it's time to get started for real in december/January. Using my new home-built “Breeding station” and plant the seed in Sticklingskuber. The seed may coexist with the cuttings in the small drive House where I keep a geothermal energy of about. 30 degrees.

Statistics on gro-times will be available on this site in the most hot/laid back varieties that tend to be careful to germinate.

PS. I also measures air humidity. Well I'm probably a “Chilinörd” or what do you think?

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  1. Stig Häggkvist says:

    Hi Nicklas! When it comes to svampkuberna not needed then they pull together and as well as when hitting the seed when pushed down a bit in the cube.

    Humidity is measured with a Hygrometer to measure the (RH – Relative Humidity). I have a small monitor that logs both humidity and temperature to set on how long the measure and how many times. It should measure in the meantime. Then it is put into the computer's usb socket when I want to read all the values as well as reprogram it for new missions. There are simple wireless thermometers can also measure RH. This is nothing you need to worry about, It's just I as for statistics on most of my cultivation “Chilinörd”

  2. Andreas Eriksson says:


    Look forward to the exciting statistics.
    Did you notice that most chili grows fastest-at 30 degrees?
    I have previously read me 25 degrees and was wondering if you noticed any significant difference between the different temperatures?

  3. Stig Häggkvist says:

    Hi Andreas!
    Well it makes a difference what is temperature. By holding a rather high grotemp so can some seeds grotid more than halved to about to keep room temperature.
    I have many chili contacts around the world then I buy seeds from tex. United States and Australia and it is for them that I been advised to try to have a grotemp on 80 – 85 Degrees (26,6 – 29,44 degrees) because then germinate the hot chili seed best. I have continued to have the temperature when I grow all kinds of chili for the works. As soon as the cave I tend to lower the temperature to between 22 – 25 degrees.
    You just have patience so usually most seeds germinate even if you do not add heat but it takes time.

  4. Andreas Eriksson says:

    Hey Stig!

    Thanks for the reply, high temperature believed was important because it would germinate at all. Think chili generally have very good germination. Hope it comes again this year!

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