Cuttings from my hot chiliplantor start to grow!

The cuttings I took from my hot chiliplantor has taken over expectation. It is now 19 days and both small roots and new healthy leaves are beginning to get. The cuttings are the really nice in minidrivhuset, 30 degrees Celsius and high humidity approx. 65 – 70 RH

When these plants seem to be really nice and I'll take several of these varieties so I don't have to pull them up from seed.

I use RootIt cubes to pull up my cuttings. When the plant is ready to be put in a pot with soil so I just move over to the cube pot, RootIt cube will decompose into the soil when it is made of an organic sponge materials. I can highly recommend these little cubes for both cuttings and to pull up the seeds, very convenient to handle.

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