Chiliplantorna is doing well in the basement!

My chiliplantor is doing very well under fluorescent tubes in the basement, They both bloom and fruit matures. Habanero Lemon plants are cropped ca 20% and the last fruit is maturing.

Many of the other plants have fruits as they, too, begin to turn. When all the fruit is picked to be the plants rest, then I'll put them in a cooler spot where the temperature is on 13 – 15 degrees and at the same time take the opportunity to crop them and take several cuttings.

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    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Nicklas! You are not obliged to let them rest, but they can grow on as normal but then takes a lot of light, water, nutrition and heating. By giving the plants a lower temperature approx.. 15 degrees, less water and nutrients as well as cut down on the lights to about 10 hours days instead of 14 – 16 hours so don't grow plant but goes to sleep and then it becomes a bit less job and that the plants don't take so much space.

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