How do I take cuttings from my chiliplantor!

There are a lot of people asked me how I do when I take cuttings from my chiliplantor. Here's a little video where you can see how I'm doing. You can also download a pdf file in which I describe how I do with images and text. This is only an excerpt, which will be located in the folder/book that I'm currently doing. “Chiliodling as a Hobby” A small guide how I hobby grow chili indoors and outdoors. Everything from seed to lighting, nutrition, origin, wintering and what you can do with their chillies…


The RootIt cubes and the nourishment I use, you can buy here Hydro-garden

The cubes I use nowadays, Root Riot cubes that are available for purchase here Are you in the chiliklubben on Facebook you have 10% on everything you buy there.

Download the description as pdf document. (Unable to print then it's only a draft)
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If you have any questions about cuttings from chili, just contact me.

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9 Responses to How do I take cuttings from my chiliplantor!

  1. Emelie says:


    Superb video! 🙂

    How do you do if you do not have this RootIT system with the cubes etc.? It was in the video “I put my cuttings in RootIt cubes and then needed the nourishment. Do you put in the ground, we need not”. How do you make if you put directly in the Earth? You just have to press the cutting of the Earth directly, It is sufficient? Take it out?


    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Emelie!
      Yes you can put in the Earth directly. Thread a plastic bag with holes in the pot so that it will be warmer and more humid environment for the cutting.

  2. Göte says:

    There is a algbaserat rotningsmedel (powder) You can dip the cutting in before you put it in the Earth to get better, think the Weibull has it as example.

  3. Fredrik Svensson says:

    What if it's glasswool cubes?

  4. Jens says:


    I am thinking about taking cuttings from my volunteer ghost pepper (had not the heart to cut it down).
    When should this be done?

    Best wishes,,

  5. Andreas says:

    Jag är första års odlare med chili , tycker det är grymt kul. Dock så gör man sina misstag och jag skulle höja upp min lampa och slant med den och bröt av en av mina chilisar i samma veva, tänkte äh, jag sätter den toppen i en root it kub och ser vad som händer och den rota sig, dock är den inte så mycket gren av den utan det är mest bladverk och det kommer ny bladverk, tänkte lite på hur kan man klippa bort bladen och få den att växa iväg på längden.? det är väl totalt ett 8 blad men en 5 cm hög växt, om du förstår tanken 🙂

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Låt den vara den kommer att växa på höjden, tänk på att den har många månader på sig att växa. Ha tåla mod 🙂

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