So chilli seeds in RootIt cubes

I sow chili seeds both in soil and in the sponge cubes “RootIt cubes” Here I show how wound chili “Fire” in a cube, and when the grot and had their character sheet how the school into a small pot with soil in a small video.



I currently have seeds left to “Chili Fire” Habanero-type. Chili is originally from Suriname and it is very hot!

This chili gives much fruit the first year but the winters so give it nearly twice as much fruit for the coming season if the footing in large pot 15 – 25 litre or planted directly in soil bed.

10 St basic 20:- Contact me if you are interested in..


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14 Responses to So chilli seeds in RootIt cubes

  1. billan says:

    Well done!
    I will be sure to have a pair of their own fire-plants until spring 🙂
    Feel so good!

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Thanks! Yes “Fire plant” is a highly productive chiliplanta. When it comes to hot chilli so that different Naga jolokia varieties and so was that none of these could turn my Fire plants when it came to fruit amount.

  2. Johan says:

    Looked good out there. I have just ordered rootit cubes and the associated disk, and rootit Gel 4, a rotningsmedel for cuttings, hope it's right to use the?
    I have a question about your video. It did not look like you täpte to the hole after you släpt down the seeds? Did you do it afterwards, or you do not do it?


    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! You do not need a gel to germinate seeds. No I do not cover over the hole in the cube without pushing them down a little bit. You may check them each day when they can easily dry out. Dip them in warm water when needed and squeeze out the abundance.

      • Johan says:

        OK, Thanks! The gel thought I use when I take cuttings of these plants I wintered. Saw that you had a plant called Fire, do you have any seeds to sell the?


  3. Håkan Olsson says:

    Hi, saw your clip on the growing tv and wondering where you bought that Nice greenhouse and heat mat?
    Best Wishes, Håkan

  4. Niclas says:

    Have a question about root riot cubes with chilifrön in feeling bad about using an under irrigation mat. Use wexthusets cultivation station plus a XL dome. Think about the cubes absorb too much water.

    Thoughts on this?


  5. Lars R says:

    Hi, read and watched your video about chilt fire. Sell you still fire seed? What you wrote above was from 2012.

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