Water and chiliplantor?

One of the prerequisites to your chiliplantor to grow and feel good, is water. Get the plants even and regular watering, they are strong and this prevents attack from insects and fungal diseases.

You can prevent both spin and lice which is a common problem for many who grow chili by avoiding hard drying, I never let my seedlings dry out completely and droop of the plants would then be extra vulnerable and easy prey for insect pests.

Well I know that there are theories that it'll let chiliplantor dry out of it, they do well. But what is it about to dry out? To chilli does not like to have it too wet on the feet are absolutely right but that it's going to be so dry in pot to plant gasping for breath and droops of dehydration can be great. I know on my pots (take them) and that way I know if it is time to water the.

Another watched to see if it's time to water is that thrusts a regular matkniv or to other longer objects right on the house edge, then pull up the knife/object and see if it becomes damp or not.

I pour my water as I'll water the day before both when I have the plants out in summer and when they are indoors in winter. I do it for the water to get a higher temperature.

If you have holes in the bottom of their pots and pots found with bullets in some lecka cm bottom of the pot before you put the earth so excess water flows out and then it's no greater danger to the plant will get it too wet on the feet.

There is a theory that stop watering their chiliplantor prior to harvest their fruits, they should become stronger, hotter to the taste. To do the reverse if you want them milder then you should water the real 24 hours before harvest. If this works, I do not know but you might want to try!

My thoughts on irrigation:

  • Never let your chiliplantor dry out too much, easy drying is no danger.
  • Övervattna not your chili. Too much water, and even water that remains in the pots, allows the roots get oxygen deficiency.
  • Do not let the water be too cold, Decant the water the day before.
  • Chilli as you grow in pots require more frequent watering than if you put it directly in jordbädd.
  • It is important to shower chili plants from time to time during the warmest growing season. Should preferably be done in the morning before the sun comes to the plants.

So the hoses I, do you have any other theory as to what is good or better so please comment my posts!

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5 Responses to Water and chiliplantor?

  1. Bear says:

    Where's the movie?

  2. Roger says:

    Hey Stig
    Viewing your site on a regular basis when I have gotten a little chili “Geek”, However, beginners and inside of my second year, had 8st plants last summer which 7st home grown, also built a greenhouse last spring / summer so it starts to get really serious 🙂
    Now for next season I have started early, first seeds were sown in December, Habanero,T-Scorpion mm, at this writing, I have just over 60st plants on my newly growing bench in the boiler room, the plants are all on the irrigation trays, both purchased and manufactured.
    There is a lot on the size of the plants/varieties, but they are not sown at the same time, can say that almost all looks nice out, But as to my question..
    Some of the plants, they belong to larger in cultivation and is tex “Cayenne Long Slim” look a little saggy out, they have large leaves, but they look fresher out in the morning than otherwise, What can it depends on ??
    Is a little skeptical of under irrigation, feels slightly too wet, I think ! But the fact is that 50 by 60 plants appear to be demolished, don't want anyone to die.
    The plants are currently in perennkrukor 7x7x7cm with rosjord & Perlite (so that you do) the lighting consists of full color (6500(k)) fluorescent lamps and has over 3000lux approx. 14 h/day.
    What do you think, too much water ? It can get too much light ?

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! They should not receive more water than they need. Have you also perlite in the earth so oxidization it well even if it is wet. Light, they can not get too much of. It can get too hot if you have lights too close, feel with your hand.

      • Roger says:

        Hi, Thanks for the quick reply !
        The lighting, I had more than 20 cm above the seedlings, has now moved up so that the distance is approx. 35 cm.
        I think that said that the Earth feels a little too wet, but it is the “only” 5St of 60pcs hanging a bit with the leaves, These are also those who have grown fastest.
        Have noticed another phenomena at two of the plants that droop, they have a sheet that has rolled up a little on edge, What could be the reason ?
        Have made a test, cut kapillärmattan in the part that goes down in the water resevoir with 5 cm:s apart so that I could fold up every other “tab” from the water, thought it might be sucked up a small amount of water in the carpet.
        How long do you usually have your seedlings on under irrigation, at last the retraining ?

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