Gro chilifröer in pluggbrätte with extra warmth.

Today it was time to test the breeding some chilisorter to. This time in a pluggbrätte and small svampkuber. Brim may stand on a heat mat without thermostat so the heat is around 30 degrees.

I had a lid from a minidrivhus that fit perfectly. Now it's just waiting for those little critters out of the hot to stick cubes. When using svamkuber and heat mat so it is important to always check the cubes when the pretty quickly dries out. We must water them from above but a spray bottle so that they stay moist all the time.

You can, of course, to have regular so soil in brim, It's probably the most common way to use brim. The best part about so in brim no matter what to use for medium is that it only pulls up the little seedling (Plug seedling) When to school into a pot and then disturb not plantas roots, Chili has delicate roots.

Then I do not have a thermostat attached to the carpet so I use a regular wireless thermometer in order to have some control of the heat, the sensor is located on brim.

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2 Responses to Gro chilifröer in pluggbrätte with extra warmth.

  1. Luffsman says:

    Hi there.

    Also have a heat mat without thermostat so the heat is well around there too. However, I have no pluggbrätte you have, but another design in much plastic which I think does not have much finesse.

    Look at your brim and thinking about where you get your hands on it? Wexthuset has no brim with 35 sites, but it's not quite the same when it is around. And Yes, I run with root Riots 🙂 think it's an excellent product, reasonable!

    Want a little help when it comes to a proper brim, “lock” to this and probably a small tray under the… What is the equipment you have in this case? And where can i obtain the? 🙂


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