Small chiliplantor on self watering tray!

I have my small cuttings and seeds sown plants in 8 cm pots but hole in the bottom of the self watering trays, It makes room 24 St plants on a tray (Length: 56cm, Width: 40cm, Height: 5cm. Houses 3,4 liter vatten)

What's so great about this self watering tray?
The plants keep getting even irrigation when they suck up water from below on the irrigation mat as they stand and it makes them feel very good and grow well. You do not need to worry about forgetting to water them. Seedlings are very susceptible to desiccation. Another advantage is that the plants get a better air, higher humidity.

First time to use this irrigation tray so wet to irrigation mat in e.g. shower, fill the water in the washer in the small square hole for water. Put on the carpet with one lågsidan into the water in the washer. Before you ask on their plants, they must be genombevattnade. The pots set on the carpet and press the little easy, clear!

I also use only tray tub when I sow in svampkuber. Svampkuberna dries out very easily if you heat mat. Brim with the cubes I set in the tray and then fill with water in the washer so the cubes get irrigation from below in this way, it is easier to keep them moist.

self watering tray is worth every penny. 149:-

Is available from

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