50W Led lighting for plants from Parus.

Today I tested the Led lighting from Parus 50W which I'll use later when I will set it against the fluorescent light fixture in the LightWave 2x24W study that I start in december to see what lighting is best to push up chiliplantor.

I have measuring equipment in the case of light on plants so do you measure even PAIR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation). We will measure is PPFD ( the amount of light that is available to the plant's photosynthesis) This I can then compare with Lux but based on plant sensitivity instead of the human eye.

I will not go into more detail about this since this is the science of light in the higher school and there I am no champion so I get using a light Pro.

What is the essence of this test is how plants develop, how the plants then continues to evolve as they come out this summer, How do fruits, How to taste the, How many fruits, it becomes, How is the size of the fruits, etc.. so I will follow them all the way until they end up in the compost and then I know if points are better than fluorescent or if they are just as good! I will not take into account the energy consumption of it is not what I am looking for so I have in this test lights that draws about as much power.

Are you interested in this Led lighting for plants is available at ecosolutions

Little data on Led lighting:

Ratio (R:(B):O) (8:1:1)

3 watt Hipower LED
Peak Wavelength
635NM, 665NM
Dominant Wavelength
630NM, 660NM

Type of LED
3 Watt Hi-power LED
Peak Wavelength
Dominant Wavelength

Type of LED
3 Watt Hi-power LED
Peak Wavelength
450NM (white, 6500(K))
Dominant Wavelength

370 umol m-2 s-1(measure the distance 200mm)
150 umol m-2 s-1(measure the distance 500mm)
59 umol m-2 s-1(measure the distance 1,000mm)
31 umol m-2 s-1(measure the distance 1,500mm)

Pulse Wavelength:

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