Chiliodlar withdrawal!

Now that it's dark and cold outside, and almost 3 months left until launch for real with his chiliodling so we must of course find something to satisfy their chiliodlar withdrawal and I do by testing different to gro chilisorter find out grotider in different media and with different temperature.

Here it is 3 St small chilisar come up, they are about 20 days old and has been breeding in svampkuber during lighting and a temperature of about 30 degrees. It is about 30 different varieties that I testgror and for statistics on.

That one can become addicted to gambling, etc.. I knew that but that it could also be Chiliodlar hobby depends on it, I did not…

Have you known of Chiliodlar abstinence? How do you to still the?

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  1. Jenny says:

    It's just to give way in the dependence, grow, grow.

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