Gör din egen självbevattningsbricka!

Building their own self watering tray is not that hard. Here I describe how I do a self watering tray of a flat washer, plastic disc and a plastic tube. You need a disk with at least 4 cm deep, a plastic sheet of any material about. 5 – 8 mm thick as well as a plastic tube and montagelim + a kapillärmatta/irrigation mat.

Place the tray with the bottom down to the plastic disc and draw of, draw a small square on the short side of the plastic disc, where should the hole be for water filling. Now it's just sawing or cutting out plastic disc after lines.

Now put the disc in the tray and check to match. On the short side, where kapillärmatta will be down, it should be a gap of about 1 – 2 cm.

Cut to 4 – 8 St. haul of plastic tube in this case is related to the pieces 4 cm long, then plastic disc should lie flush with the upper edge of the tray when you put down the plastic disc in the tray. The 4 – 8 distances of plastic tubing place reasonably evenly over the surface of the disc, plastic and glue them with montagelim.

When everything dried, just turn on the plastic disc and put it in the washer and clips to kapillärmattan to match, CA 1 DM to knit down into the slot on the short side.

Now it's just to wet carpet (is done easiest in the shower) and put it on the plastic disc and stick down one end of the tray, fill with water and place it on your pots with holes in the bottom. Keep in mind that the pots must be genomvattnade when they are put on to be able to suck up water, pressure to them some easy.

Now you have your own self watering tray.

In this example, I have a large flat washer “Grow Bag Tray” size 100 CMX 40 cm. Height 4 cm but it is of course to use other sizes just the depth is at least 4 cm.

Various large Flat washers available to buy here

Under irrigation mat available to buy here at LM.

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  2. Johan says:

    Hey Stig, is the link for Under irrigation mat the same carpet that you have on the pictures? It looks so dreary out compared to your that looks really good out?

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Johan!
      Well it's the same carpet that I use but it looks odd on their image. It is a little silver on top and works very good.

  3. IDA says:

    Do you think it is just as good to use a flat box that does not have the smooth bottom? Like this: http://www.wexthuset.com/krukor-korgar-amplar-bratten/fat-brickor/plantlador-p1 It might require more water just, so that it doesn't get stuck in the valleys?

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Ida!
      Yes it is possible to use these cards I also have cards that are not smooth at the bottom but they have I not shown on this site.

  4. Joel says:

    Hey Stig, If you're going to feed, they are then only to mix those in self watering and let the plant take up the from there or are they better on skip self watering when you start feeding the plants?

  5. Tony says:

    Hey Stig,

    in the previous post, type of irrigation to the plants must not be too wet, But if kapilläreffekten to work at during the irrigation plant must be constant wet? Or have I misunderstood how this works?
    You get horrible love to immerse yourself a bit!

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Tony!

      There is a difference between for wet and damp earth. A pitcher who does not have sufficient drännering, holes so that excess water can drain out where is the Earth too wet once the water remains on the bottom of the pot.

      For small chiliplantor to develop and grow well, especially when they are under development, It is important that they don't get dry but always has access to just the right amount of water. It's like you're saying that the Earth all the time which is moist and can seem to feature too much water but it doesn't without all my small plants thrive well at kapillärmattan when the Earth keeps the humidity level.

  6. Morgan. (a) says:

    Has made such a self watering tray,as you shown..
    My plants get dripping wet ,poke the earth you can see really how water oozing around his fingers..
    Should it be so wet?

    MVH p

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! Yes it gets wet the soil absorbs water and that is the sentence. Do not feel the plants well?

  7. Emanuel P says:

    Where do you buy plastic disc?
    You will find only plexiglass .

  8. Catherine says:

    I have the same problem.
    Earth moldy 🙁 It's too wet. And then I retrained my little bigger farms (5cm basil) to ground with small games balls for better drainage.

    Last year, I drove without self-watering system in the same window, and it worked well.

    Receive all the advice I can get 🙂 via e-mail.

  9. Martin says:

    Has ordered a self-watering tray

    How do I do with nutrition? It's just that the mix of nutrients in the water tray and then let the plants take to the water with nutrients?

    I have also acquired new pots on litres

    I wonder if there is any limit on the size of the plant can become before irrigation mat not working?

    At least the last question is: My idea is not to have clay on the bottom(thinking that the earth should get in contact with the carpet), get ret for poorly drained, do you think?

    Grateful for your good answer!
    Your page is awesome!

    Mvh Martin

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! Yes you are absolutely right not marbles in the bottom of the pot. The Earth needs to be able to suck up water and have contact with the carpet. Before you set the pots on the mat, make sure they are genomvattnade then they can begin to suck up water as needed. There is no size limit of the pot you can use. You may feed in the water tray but the mat tends to be a bit tawdry after a while. I usually give my nutrient water with can from above.

  10. Åsa helsing says:

    I have already planted my seeds in small pots with newspaper in the bottom of the earth not to run out and now I'm going to "build" self-watering tray. Must I remove newsprint for it to work?

  11. Carina says:


    I try to read up on chiliodling but I have not really taken this with (self)irrigation.

    I ordered a planting tray from Wexthuset (link below) along with an under irrigation mat. The tray holds 28 litres so it's really great. But now I wonder if maybe I need another “floor” above the water and carpet? Or can you fill the washer with several layers of irrigation mat and let the pots sit on the?


    Thanks by the way for a very educational and “straight to the point” Web page! =)

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi. You can ask them directly on the mat in the tray and sprinkle on the carpet but you may replenish often. If you have that in my description of self-watering tray
      one floor to one can fill the tray with water and let the carpet hanging down on one end and suck up water when you don't need to refill as often as.
      You see this Self-watering tray

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