Chili plug plants in pluggbrätte!

I germinate and grow even chiliplantor in pluggbrätte with soil to get nice a bit larger plugs. Pluggbrätten are available in various sizes, both in terms of size and number of pluggarnas. One advantage of a slightly larger plug but Earth against plugs in fungal materials is that in the larger plugs of soil, you can let the plants remain longer in the brim and thus readding them in pots as early.

I fill brättets plugs with seed compost mixed with some perlite to keep moisture a bit better and that oxygen can penetrate down to the roots. I hoses through the soil so that it is moist and place the entire brim on a tray with high can t so I can stock up on water, if necessary,, the plugs sucks up water from below.

When I sow I usually had put there my flat sticks that I marked with chilisort as well as dates for sowing in order to be able to keep track of how long it takes for the different varieties to germinate. I put out all the seeds and press them down about 1 cm in the soil and press a little easy on the Earth

When everything is ready so I set the entire brim in one of my larger minväxthus standing on a heat mat. Soil temperature do I set via the thermostat on 28 degrees. Now it's just waiting for the small hot chilifröerna to gro.

We must be careful that the controversy sure not the Earth dries out it will be damp all the time.

More different pluggbrätten can be found here:

Minväxthus like a brim with max size fits in here:

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2 Responses to Chili plug plants in pluggbrätte!

  1. Christer says:

    What is your opinion when it comes to sowing seeds. If you have t,ex 6 the seeds of the same variety, is it possible to see if a seed is “damaged” or will grow up bad? Myself have noticed that some seeds look darker than other, nästinstill brown/black in some places, and even less. Despite the fact that it is of the same kind.

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! the seed that has a distinct black dot in the Middle, I usually reject. If they are very light brown or brown in the the edge don't play such a big role.

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