Low and compact small chiliplantor!

This is one of my “Bhut Jolokia yellow” and “Jamaican hot yellow” I sowed the seed in svampkuber the 1 Oct so it's been about 6 veckor. The plants will be just the way I want them, low and compact.

These plants are inflated under fluorescent lighting with color 840 not the many recommend the even whiter light 865. So there's no doubt that fluorescent lighting with color 840 works very well it also.

It is soon time for the plants to get a larger pot, I usually recycle them as they stood in the small pot for about 4 – 6 weeks depending on variety. This year I'm going to use me by rose planters that are higher, deeper than ordinary pots that I will fill with rosjord and add some granulated chicken manure into the soil as I myllar.

I also have plants now under 2 different Led lights with different color mixtures and under fluorescent lights with color 865 and a mixture of colour 840 and 865 which I think is the optimal when they get a wide light spectrum for both root and leaf growth.

What is your light to your little chiliplantor?

How is your chiliplantor under the light?

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  1. John says:

    I got a couple of old T8 fixtures from a local industry for free. These are three 36w tube was, positive when most luminaires can accommodate two tubes.
    In a room I have my seedlings and in another, I try to promote fruit on a bunch of plants were sown in the spring 2012, These plants wasn't feeling good by the poor summer, but now get the chance to make a comeback.

    Over the small, sown around 20 December, I have 2 x Sylvania 36w 865 (6500(K)) on 3250 lumens each and a Philips 36w 840 (4000(K)) on 3350 lumen. These 10 000 lumen seems to be enough for the plants to grow pretty heavy.
    The tubes are less than 15 cm from the plants in a position built after drawings from this eminent blog. 🙂

    Over the larger plants (four Habanero, a Serrano, a couple of Aji Blanco and a couple of Espelette) hanging a like light fixture with 2 x 36w Philips 827 (2700(K)) and a Philips 36w 840 (4000(K)). The idea is that the redder the light to lure out some fruit.
    One habanero chili has grown incredibly well since it came under art light, It now has about 150 buds/flowers. The other three blooms also in full swing, remains to be seen whether they can bear fruit.
    One Espeletten has already put a fruit that grows a few millimeters every day. The rest of the plants also bloom.

    Notably, this is my first indoor garden and I see it mostly as an experiment based experience for the future, can I forward fruit is the most a bonus!

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi John!
      Glad my small simple drawings to! Sometimes you can get with fairly simple means to really good and useful things. With the lighting that you describe so you will get fruit. When to grow indoors, you can get help with pollination by taking a soft small brush and brush from flower to flower, It is also possible to shake the plants lte easy. The flowers which are not fertilized will fall off eventually. Your plants will also do well to showering/spray them with water a few times. in a week when the air tends to be quite dry. Good luck with the cultivation and please tell me how it goes.

      PS. Don't forget to give your plants nutrients when you water them now when they put flowers and to put fruits.

  2. John says:

    The score was easy to build and also basically free then we have leftover wood lying around at home.
    The only thing I bought is actually fluorescent lighting and glimtändare and these are of course not very expensive!

    We have pollinerat the flowers that are fully developed. Our Habanero is full of buds but the flowers have not “cracked up” yet. It will be incredibly exciting to see how much fruit it will be in relation to the number of buds.
    We shower the seedlings a couple times a day, Since we started with it seems the leaves greener and healthier.

    When the first buds appeared I started to give Biobact Tomato.
    Now I give a weak solution a few times a week and it seems to work so far. The plants seem to respond better to a weaker solution a few times a week than it on the bottle recommended concentration once per week.

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi John!

      Good to showering plants a few times. a week because it does a lot for the welfare of the plants.
      When it comes to nutrition, you have absolutely right, better to give low dose several times. than a large dose less frequently for they cannot assimilate a large dose of nutrition direct. Sometimes one can gain from picking off trust of the flowers of the plant put very many, This allows the plant to put more energy into the remaining and more easily put fruits. You can also wait and see how many fruits the plant puts, There are many you can pick off part of it to put energy on the left.

      Good luck with the cultivation!

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