Retraining of small seedlings both frösådda and cuttings.

Young chiliplantorna urgently need more space and increased nutrient supply to continue to develop. If they stand too long in nutrient poor seed compost stops growth up. Why do you retrain the plants. I tend to school if my small chiliplantor when they received 2 – 4 character sheet.

Typically, schools to if in small pots (6 – 8 cm, plant pots for bedding plants works great) where can now plant grow until it is time for retraining no 2. The pots must have holes in the bottom. Use a good potting soil that is näringsberikad. Mix well perlite or vermiculite with soil for increased oxygenation.

At the retraining no 1 planted small plants no deeper in the earth I usually put them so deeply to heart leaves almost reach down to Earth. Take care of the roots, chilies have very sensitive roots. Make a hole in the Earth and stick down the plant and press the Earth lightly around. Earth to come into contact with the roots, but not packed too tightly. Water gently through the Earth and let the excess water drain out.

They retrained the plants placed slightly cooler at first and as bright as possible, any time during the complementary lighting, fluorescent lighting with color code 840 or 865 works great. If you have many pots easier watering if they are placed on trays with under irrigation rugs. How to easily produce a under irrigation tray you see here. Make your own irrigation tray

To bend with is chiliplantorna still in growth and get used to it. The nutrients available in the soil is usually enough a few weeks but after about 2 weeks, you can begin adding weak liquid nutrition in the water. After about 4 – 6 weeks or when the little pot is completely genomrotad, it is time for retraining no 2

In the pictures I show how I do at retraining no 2 but the principle is the same as at the first retraining. Here I would retrain in rose pots on 1,5 litres with a rosjord which is a soil for plants that require a bit more of the Earth. I use rose pots so that they take up less space because they are higher and narrower than regular pots.

The last retraining to the final pot on 6 – 15 litres depending on chilisort do I do then it's time for pitchers to be exhibited in summer or if the pot would have time to be totally genomrotad so I get to do it before!

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25 Responses to Retraining of small seedlings both frösådda and cuttings.

  1. Joseph says:

    Found your blog recently and learn lots here as a freshman at chili cultivation. What's your nutrition in the soil of the image 2? My chiliplantor is about 1 year old and has stopped for a bit in the development. They are in 1,5 liter pots of seed compost/topsoil. Are looking to repot them with larger pot, chicken manure and rosjord. Do you have any more tips on how I can get it to continue to grow? It's an Asian chili.

  2. Stig Häggkvist says:

    Hi Joseph!
    There is no nutrition I pour in if you're in the picture in this post but it is Perlite I mixes out Earth with for better oxygenation of Earth then becomes claws, mix for about 10%

    If I were to repot your chili so I would remove the plant from the pot and shake off as much as I can of the old earth, and then put it into a pot of 4 – 5 liters that I first fill with a good soil such as the rosjord I usually use and found with a bit of chicken manure pellets. Watering through the pot and put it in a very bright window or under some sort of complementary lighting. Now coming soon the plants to start growing again.

  3. Joseph says:

    Hey Stig!
    It will be a trip to the flower or the plantation soon so I have fixed this! Have arranged so I have supplementary lighting systems in the window where they are. It is a 120 fluorescent lamps, waiting for new fluorescent lamps that come in days. So I hope that this will jump-start the plants. If you are able to see the image in the link so you can see my set, the tall plants are chili and the short is habanero. .

    Thanks for the tips!

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Well then I can see your picture. Looks very good out there, the plants that light and good. You can even cut down your 1 year old plants so they will re-shoot. Cut them down to half that much so they will branch better.

  4. Joseph says:

    Shall I cut below or above the first branches? You see that there are shots on the road near the bottom of the plant. Plants are cut in August, September last year.

  5. < a href = "" rel = "external nofollow" class = "url" > < cite class = "fn" > Niklas says:


    Just got up interest for this to grow. Hold on and grow jalapeno, AJI habanero, monkeyface and pepperoncini. Stand right now in cloches and germinate. Had then thought to retrained krurkor which is 6-8 and then a 16 cm. How large should the “last” the pots to be? Therefore, before to set them out in the summer. Grateful for answers.

    < a href = "" rel = "external nofollow" class = "url" > < cite class = "fn" > Niklas

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Niklas!

      A standard size of pot is 6 – 10 liters.. These sizes are a good size of pots to start with. Either you put them in the larger pots when it is time to set them outdoors or on the pots that plants are in is genomrotade so if schools to larger pot.

      Good luck with your cultivation

  6. < a href = "" rel = "external nofollow" class = "url" > < cite class = "fn" > Niklas says:

    Thanks for the reply!
    Have a small follow-up question as there are few places that indicates their pots in liters instead of height and diameter, so about what dimensions should a pot that holds 6-10 litres have in height/diameter?

  7. Alexander says:

    Niklas they have awesome cheap 12 l murhinkar with hantag on Harald-Nyborg for only 9kr, It will be my final pot for chilisarna which then gotta in greenhouse.

  8. Anna says:

    Hi! I wonder if we'll let chili grow in height with only one shot, or whether it is better to let it get a busk form? I have my chilli plants in pots in cold greenhouses. One of each kind I have put inside the kitchen window. I have Jalapeno, Czechoslovakian black and Chili de Arbol.

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Anna!
      The varieties you grow in height and will branch at the top later, so let them be who they are.

      • Anna says:

        Hi! Thanks, then I know. What about the ones I have in, can I have them in the same pots throughout the summer? Or do they have larger pot later? It's hard to fit in.

  9. Lars-Göran says:

    Thanks for a nice växtsida.
    I wonder House small leaves of character can be before it would retrain the first time?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! I wont let them develop 3 till 4 leaves before I school if then they usually have developed well with roots but you can school about past as soon as the character leaves come up.

  10. Lilian Striem says:

    Thanks for a great site!
    My chiliplantor still stands indoors. They have just begun to bloom. What about pollination? They're going to be in a non-insulated conservatories late in summer.

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi. Chili is self-pollinating, so they fix this yourself but you can help by shaking the plants easily now and then

  11. Johan says:

    Hey, and what a glorious page, perfect for a beginner like me. How long should patiently have to wait much before the plants spurs after transplanting? 🙂 Approaching two weeks with minimal plant, have good soil m. Perlite, lighting and so but maybe 10x10cm pots bit too big? But plants do not seem to feel bad anyway..

    Sincerely impatient beginners

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! It takes a few weeks before they set off when they need to establish themselves in the new pot. If you have very light and warm about 22 – 24 degrees tend to be faster

  12. Börje says:

    Hi, I completely agree with John that this is an ideal site for beginners. Started in the year. Chased around to get the knowledge and found this site. Ended understood in the Favorites folder directly.
    I have a question:
    At first repotting I planted as deep as you say, just below the cotyledons.
    The plant took off vertically.
    Now to the second repotting I would therefore like to plant a bit above the cotyledons, it is around 7-8cm up to nature leaves. Can you do that? Planting the cotyledons or simply cut them? The plant will be so Harmattan lanky and unnecessarily high otherwise I think. Thought use high pots that you inspired me.

    • Börje says:

      Perhaps I should add that it's Jalapeno I mean . I grow Habanero Hot Lemon and it is more compact.

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi. Yes, you can plant deep as you describe, chilli puts roots by the stem so that the tomato allows, they're relatives 🙂

  13. Monica says:

    Hey Stig!
    Thanks for an informative site. You get a lot of good advice.
    However, I have a question and it's taking a walled basin (90 liters.) to plant
    chilli plants in, you could plant 3 pieces in the same time? or
    it is recommended that only one in every?

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! If you have a large bowl, you can put three plants in the time they have plenty of land all 3 to grow in.

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