Test 1 med Ledbelysning röd – blå 8:1

I have tried to grow up my chili little ones from seed with an Led ramp where it is predominantly red light but also blue, relation 8:1 and then I get plants becomes long a little rickety and when I pointed this out to my contact and expert in the area so I found out that it was not so strange.

  • The Red stimulates root initiation, flowering and stretching growth.
  • The blue and white will increase the biomass and stimulates the chlorophyll formation.

The one I come up with is that if you want to have compact green chiliplantor so you should use a lot of blue light in the beginning when they grow up their chiliväxter. You should then grow indoors or if you want them to spread out so we can use more red light.

The plants that I pulled up from fluorescent color code 865 is much more compact and green so that this is true, it is no doubt.

The plants will continue to be under the respective light source so we'll see how they look on 14 dagar.

The next test to grow up chili from seeds becomes with an led ramp with blue and white light.

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