My own irrigation tray is use!

One of the more under irrigation tray that I built is now in use. Then I have a lot of plants to be retrained in 1,5 liter rose pots so is not enough the smaller tiles to so I turned on one of my personally designed tiles with 16 liter vatten.

The washer is is pretty big (100 cm x 40 cm. Height 4 cm) so it's no tile that you set up in the living room! I have this in my growing room in the basement. To get the badge in the wave so pallade I it on some wooden blocks.

Using a watering tray to its plants allows plants get a steady irrigation and a better and more humid air and they feel chiliplantor good and so you avoid the course to suit the pots so they do not dry out.

Has once begun to have its plants on irrigation tray so learn to continue it, I can promise for as smooth and good, it is.

Here's how I built my under irrigation tray.

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2 Responses to My own irrigation tray is use!

  1. Lars Hummer says:

    How do you do with nutritional supplements when the plants are on self irrigation mat? Do you have even greater, CA 6 l o up, pots on the carpet?
    Thanks for a very entertaining site

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! I only have the pots up to 2 litres on carpets. I run with liquid nutrients in the water when they are on the self watering mats. Goes well with flourish or similar. Keep in mind that the first 3 weeks after planting in fertile soil needed no extra nutrition.

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