Build a soul irrigation tray of an IKEA plastic box.

If you want a small self watering tray this tray which is made of a “Collect” IKEA box an option that you can build yourself. What you need is a plastic box “Collect” dimensions 39 x 28 x 14 cm and a piece of plastic sheet and a piece of kapillärmatta.

Here's how to:
Put the box up and down on the plastic disc and draw of. Then cut or cut out about 1 cm inside line.

Delete a bit extra ca 1 cm on one long side where kapillärmattan to be knit into the box.

Delete a bit in one of the corners to get a hole to where you can refill water.

Fit the plastic piece in the box, It should rest on the two lugs that are on the short sides and on one long side of the box. Make sure that there will be a gap at one long side where kapillärmattan sticks down.

Clips to kapillärmattan (I took two pieces when I had a spill) Wet carpet and put it in place, Dip the ends of the box and make up.

Set on genomvattnade small pots with holes or a salad with holes in the bottom.

I have used a translucent box then I had one at förådet but it is probably better off with a black then will not light for water and then there will be no any algae formation in water box.

Yes harder than it was to get your own little self watering tray

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5 Responses to Build a soul irrigation tray of an IKEA plastic box.

  1. Ronnie S says:

    Smart 🙂 Like all your DIY (Do It Yourself) project 🙂

    Have seen a similar that you made (fixed for window sill), But what I wonder is where to find plastic discs cheap so you can in addition this also do other things to experiment without spending too much. Don't want to pay that much money on a plastic disc.

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Ronnie!
      Plasskivan is probably the easiest to get by going to their local sign shop and ask if you can purchase a spillbit of Forex Classic which is a PVC disc (plasskiva) available in various thicknesses. The disc is easy to share by cutting an incision in it with a utility knife and then switches off the. It is also available in transparent plastic sheets in different sizes at the auto parts store that can bar to use if you have acces to the shop would say, These discs are harder and they have to cut in order to share, etc..

  2. Johan says:

    Otherwise buy a lid for the same box, collect and use

  3. Anna says:

    Ooh so smart!!! Thanks for the tip and you spent time to shoot and describe everything so good to us.
    But… does it really work for the plant to suck up water through only the holes in the bottom of the plastic pots?! The holes is not very large, as the Earth's surface that makes contact with the canvas is so small. If you set it in a sunny window – can the Earth really suck up more moisture than evaporates?!

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Yes if the carpet is kept wet with water in the reservoir and that pots placed on the carpet is well igenomvattnade how it works even with the small holes.

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