Led 8:1 vs fluorescent Philips TL-D 840

It's no secret that I was testing various lighting to power up chiliplantor and the results are now beginning to show itself. Here is the small plants are sown at the same time but as soon as they turned out to have I moved them to small pots (they are germinated into small cubes so they can be moved to ground very easily and early)

Now they've got be under different lighting Led 8:1 so much red and under fluorescent Philips TL-D 840 that have a broader light spectrum and pretty much blue. What you can see of the plants development so do not recommend I suffered with a lot of red light to power up plants. Led with 8:1 is probably a light to bring in a later time to trigger the plant's line growth and blommning. To be continued!

The image on the right is the plants that had to stand for fluorescent tubes.

Does anyone have any other opinions on this so please comment!

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  1. Very interesting Path. Really thankful that you do this test then I don't have to self. The question is whether the larger plants perform better during 8:1 Led than if we continue with fluorescent lighting all the time. Personally, I think growing need most of the spectrum Inc, Green and yellow but then maybe larger amounts of the blue/red. The seed found out by the way, should be fun to drive up!

    Best wishes, / < a href = "http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=en&prev=search&rurl=translate.google.no&sl=sv&u=http://www.niklashjelm.se/&usg=ALkJrhjvnms4rOBBl-aDAVzNmzr0peXK9Q" rel = "external nofollow" class = "url" > < cite class = "fn" > Niklas

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