Build a plant station in wood to your chiliplantor!

Many people asked me about how to build a simple frame with lighting for their chiliplantor .

All have can not weld or don't want to pay to get it fixed so here's a simple description of how to make a position but using some stud frame and chipboard.

When calculating the size of the score you get deleted from the luminaires to use, in this example, I used a 120 cm long luminaire with 2 fluorescent lamps.

  • Start by cutting to a baseplate dimensions 140x50cm of chipboard or similar, the easiest way is to ask your local timber trade saw to it when you buy it, they usually always have overflow pieces standing in one corner. Then we saw the two pillars, I have been using wood with dimension 45 x 70 m. m. length 150 cm. Then, we need a Rafter to rest on top of the posts of the same wood as uprights, length 140 cm. For everything to be stable so I have put props on one side of each post, see picture. You can also make simple oblique strävor, instead of my design to stabilize the posts.
  • On the underside of the base plate, insert it firmly 6 St klotsar which may serve as a small furniture legs or if you want it to be easy to move on so the screws to firmly furniture wheels, available in different dimensions and performance.
  • Screw the uprights on the baseplate from below, attach the supports in the posts and bottom plate. Screw the crossbar on the two poles. Fix 2 St. hooks on the underside of the crossbar, There are fluorescent light fixture hanging in chains so that it is possible to raise and lower the lights.

Yes that's it now is ready to be used!

Price calculation without lighting.

Conventions 80:- chipboard 30:- screw 20:- Chain 40:- a total of: 170:-

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5 Responses to Build a plant station in wood to your chiliplantor!

  1. IDA says:

    Hey Stig!
    The stations you built with “regular” fluorescent light fittings with two tubes are most 500 mm deep (the ones I found here on the blog iaf). It is because the light loss is too large? The light may not be spread further to the sides without armature is raised?

    I have odlingstråg which is 600 deep and 300 wide and was going to build a stand for these to five next to each other and thus becomes 1500 mm total width. Then fit it's advantageous with a light fixture with two 58 w T8 tubes or two 35 w T5 tubes above the (840), but it may be too wide for them with troughs on 600 mm?

    As for the tubes, I wonder if it will be overkill for me having T8 tubes that give 5200 lumens per piece? Perhaps it is enough good with T5 tubes that give 3300 lumens per piece? Or is it simply the case that T8 tubes would allow the width of the scaffold could be 600?

    *klurar *

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Ida!

      The stations I built is optimized to have 2 St. fluorescent lamps above and also a special under irrigation tray to fit the station. If you have a width of 600 mm. so I would advise you to put 3 Stir to cover you up width better then the plants are small, and then you have the lighting near the bottom and near the plants. If you are using T8 or T5 is probably more a cost issue, T8 gives the more light but pulls the more power. Which you choose, it will work fine.

  2. MacTavish says:

    Hey Stig!

    It is so exciting to accompany you here. tack vare dig lärde jag mig mycket saker 🙂 en fråga till dig, I want to build like this , but you can have 75 cm length instead timber 150 cm ? Or you have to have as high a distance? How much max distance you need ?

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi. Yes you choose the height itself. The distance depends on how long they should be under the light of the position but 1000 cm would recomme

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