Retraining of chiliplantor to 1,5 liter pots.

I school if my chiliplantor pretty early from the small 9 cm pots for a roskruka on 1,5 liters.. I also test some different store bought soil mixtures. All pots are marked with the chilisort, soil type and date.

This time got my chili that I trained on a eco Earth from the ICA that I mix up with a little perlite. The Earth has a good structure and contains manure from hens frigånde, Please note that it is not just on egg cartons that have become a popular selling point but also in terms of chicken manure!

The plants will now be under the fluorescent lighting on yourself irrigation mat and a temperature around 18 degrees. The plants should be ready to remain in these pots in ca 6 – 8 weeks before it is time for a bigger pot at 4,5 liters., the final re-education to 10 – 15 liters do I not given until the beginning of summer when they should be out in chilihusen.

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