Hot new chilisorter to the season 2013.

To chili season 2013 I have many new (new to me) chilisorter which I intend to grow. So today I started sprouting of 11 St. varieties to.

Now that all my small chiliplantor have come in pots it was heat mat available so that I could begin to sprout some hot new chilisorter to. I use the small svampkuberna ( Root Riot cubes) to order my seeds in, they are so easy to handle and later when to school if it is no more likely to disturb or damage the roots.

The cubes do I put in a pluggbrätte which is then left to stand for a flat washer with high edge so that it becomes easy to water cubes by pouring water in washer. I've even lighting over the sowing even if it is not something that you have to have. Here it is the blue and white led the ramp that may account for the lights.

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