Carolina Reaper AKA HP22B the new world champion in strength?

Today I got my seeds to chili Carolina Reaper AKA HP22B from Pepper Joe in United States. Pepper Joe's sure this is the new world champion when it comes to the hottest chilli in the world but there are some that are not as sure of it!

Then I just bought 2 Pack seeds so I just started 5 St. seeds today to test how they germinate. I grow them in Root Riot cubes for it wont work well even with the most challenging chilisorterna.

Pepper Joe recommended to soaking the seed in warm water about. 24 hours before you sow them, well, you probably do to seed husk should be relaxed but then I keep a high humidity in miniväxthuset ca. 70 RH so I don't think it should be required. The thermostat I put on 28 degrees so they will have the hot and humid.

It will be interesting to follow this development of chili.

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