My chiliplantor is growing, time to light up a larger odlarbord!

I have 2 St. greater odlarbord where I get room by about 40 plants in 1,5 liter pots. Today it was time to move over some plants for one of the tables.

This particular table has fluorescent lighting, 8 St 120 cm tubes of paint 965 Thus daylight tubes. Here comes now the plants to stand and grow until it's time to recycle them into a 4 liter pot. I'm trying to keep down the heat to about 18 degrees so don't chiliplantorna to grow too quickly.

All plants are under irrigation trays so I water them by pouring water into the tiles so that they can absorb so much water it needs. Nutrition gives me a squirt 1 times/week blended in water at room temperature from above but a regular watering can.

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