I'm giving away seeds to 3 hot chilisorter from Pepperlover United States.

tavlings_chiliThe only thing you have to do is like my page on Facebook to learn how to do to have the chance to become one of the 3 that may 5 St. seeds by chilisorterna Bombay Morich (A very hot chilli from Bombay India) White Bhut Jolokia (A variant of the Bhut Jolokia, which ripens from green to white) Trinidad Morovas
(A medium hot chilli from Trinidad, ripens from green to golden yellow)


Note: This “giveaway” is finalized and the lucky ones who got the seeds this time is:

Roger Kalsson, Guru and Irene Lindberg.



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17 Responses to I'm giving away seeds to 3 hot chilisorter from Pepperlover United States.

  1. Camilla Rehn says:

    Have never before cultivated really hot chili and it would have been so super exciting to get the chance to try these exciting beauties! Är de lika heta som vackra lär de vara grymma 🙂

  2. Kristina says:

    Because I'm a beginner as far as chilli and don't really know what I'm going to grow.

  3. For that variety spice!

    Trying to grow so much different varieties as possible next season. The goal is to have an elaborate jungle here at home. Large and small, high and wide, in all colors of the Rainbow. How well I'm learning success is of course open to debate, I have a little card with both white and yellow chilis! I have not been able to shake a ghost pepper than, and it would be great fun to grow some variation of perhaps the most infamous of them all. This would be a good step on the road! (Och om inte annat är jag nog intresserad av att köpa loss några fröer om du har över. 😉 )

  4. Elisabeth S says:

    Jag vill också kunna dela med mig av en rolig hobby och att skänka bort fröer är ju ett sätt att få fler att våga odla chili.
    Så vinner jag de här fröerna kan jag också dela med mig till andra intresserade.

  5. mikael larsson says:

    Hi stig I follow you on facebook your own page NSKC also think it's great with advice on chili ordling by someone who really knows he's talking about myself, I have just grown chili out of and in the summer that the va this year so it was all just shit so now I have checked on your page where you test with led lighting on the plan to try it with sådet would be fun with a bit more varieties have then before bought some seeds of Michael l on NSKC so it'll be very exciting the coming season hope that you can get good advice from you and the others on NSKC. BEST REGARDS Michael

  6. billan says:

    Because I'm totally addicted to fruits from this plant….and because I'm awesome generous to share seeds and plants to friends in need. And for that I am driven by a desire to spread my load ahead and ensure that more and more “chilinördar” blir till 🙂
    Heta hälsningar 🙂
    Anita B

  7. Because I'm enthusiastic little cat who loves seeds! Love to grow! It's almost all I do… and likes to exchange seeds with other people and think it would be fun to have even more to swap with! Think that everyone should grow! = D

  8. Guru says:

    Because I want to make a real fräsigt powder with lots of variations in!

    Also have a friend who loves to Cook, How can I pay for the ingredients and the cooking process, so had it been brilliant!! 🙂

  9. Malin Fernatröm says:

    I love to try new exciting varieties. A Golden Yellow, a white and a hot, It sounds yummy it!

  10. May-Elén L says:

    Because it is amazingly fun to grow their chile that I use to make salsa and various kinds of picante by.
    My partner and I are big consumers of these sauces and if I win some of your seeds I'm going to share with you my recipe that I use. And of course tastes the sauces vary depending of the kinds of raw material.
    That is why it is so exciting with varieties that you won't find in any fröbutik any time.
    Har förresten fått en julklappsbok om syrning av grönsaker. Av min sambo. I den finns också ett recept om syrning av chilipeppar, så det ska jag testa.
    I källaren övervintrar jag nu, med hjälp av belysning, some chili that I have purchased abroad at markets and in shops and saved on the seed in them. Forces varies from sweet to strong and really hot.

  11. MIA says:

    Write and like anyways I though I should not grow more deadly strong chilisar so leave the racing to the other :). But your site is superb as a comment fit anyways . Gott nytt chili år 🙂
    MIA / The åland Islands

  12. Roger K says:

    Simply because I love the exciting new varieties and want my list one day to be as impressive as many others in the Group. It is the policy to always put of the varieties that come in as new year, So really, it was an end to this year, but this was a fun thing that I absolutely want to be on. =)

  13. Irene lindberg says:

    Because I think that Chilli is among the most rewarding to grow, Nice plants with flowers o fruit at the same time and fantastically good! Top that “gift” och väcker uppmärksamhet överallt 🙂 Klart beroendeframkallande 🙂

  14. Anette K says:

    Sick addictive hobby. Just can't help but gather on me more and more seeds. Växer snart ut mitt växthus 🙂

  15. Billy Axelsson says:

    I would be very happy if I could grow these varieties in 2013, they would do well in my greenhouse.

  16. Marie says:

    Has “infected” My sister with kolonilottsodlarglädje and at her Castle is a fine greenhouse where these three seeds to have grow up. So these seeds will be a gift to her to look after and in the end, she will get bid on them for a good grillnings time.

  17. Kalle says:

    Now I do not remember if I have liked the page or not (You can tell if I made it) and I've been snowed in on the wild varieties more than on the hot. But had I been given the opportunity to grow white Bhut jolokia so it had gone down in the Earth even though I should not grow more chilisorter.

    Thanks for all the tips, advice and experience sharing!


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