Aphids on small chiliplantor is a damn nuisance!

As a hobby grower of chili peppers so you have to make sure their plants every day. In addition, I have been as wintering plants in the same room so you get figure to a louse will try to invade the small brittle plants.

To keep lice at Bay so I check through my plants at least 3 -4 times a week to ensure all feel good and not affected by any vermin, etc.. and then it's not enough to just turn a getöga on the little ones but you get simply lift up each plant and check through them carefully. A sign that there are lice are looking the white skin, and thus that they leave behind.

In order to avoid any major louse infestation so I spray my small and large plants as a preventive measure 1 times/a week with såpsprit, I mix a mild solution to: A tablespoon (20 ml.) SOAP and A Teaspoon (5 ml.) T-red in 1 liter vatten. Spray the plants with a fine mist, do not spray on Earth, Some will even there but it does not usually cause any problems.

We have no volunteer seedlings in the same room as their small chiliplantor and don't have any problems with lice so there is no need to såpspritsbehandla the plants now but when you exhibit them in greenhouses or elsewhere outdoors so it's fine to treat them preventively with mild soap piping solution to get rid of louse infestation.

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