Select chiliplantor for the continued cultivation!

Today is the first day of the new year 2013 I have been tinkering on my chiliplantor in the cellar. It grows well and soon I have to choose the plants that I will grow further on then I have no chance to get the room with all the plants in the chilihusen in summer.

I have about 40 different kinds of chili that I plan to grow this summer, Yes I know it's way too many varieties but is it chilitokig so can the curiosity of new varieties take precedence over common sense. Many of my small plants, I will try to get other chili interested to take care of, the left over will meet their fate in the compost.

All the plants that can be seen on the images here are all grown up under my fluorescent lighting. They are retrained in a nutrient rich soil mixed with 20% Perlite which allows the roots may be easier to take up oxygen from the Earth. I think that the plants grow and feel better when you mix in the perlite in the earth so I mix in perlite even when I schools into larger pots.

Are you interested in buying a few small plants, it's just contact me.

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