Blå & White led lighting for plants!

I have a few different Led ramps which are watched for just plants. One of them is a 50w Led ramp with Blue and white led, 6 St blue and 14 St white 3w high power led.

The plants have now been placed under the authority of this Led lighting a few weeks and the results when compared to fluorescent lighting is even as long as equivalent and it bodes good.
An Led ramp has more targeted light than fluorescent lamps with reflector so you may have Led the apron slightly higher to cover the same area.

This lighting should also be good just for wintering plants.

I save no energy by using this lighting then lysrörsrampen as I was testing against is actually a bit more economical then the drag 2 Watts less. If it is economically viable to use this Led instead of fluorescent lights, I don't think but if you want new technology and Led that actually works for uppdrivning of chili so I would recommend a trail with these colors.

So far, it is not so common to find a Led lighting with only blue and white light. This lighting comes from Parus and sold in Sweden by Venso EcoSolutions

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  1. Anna says:

    Thanks for an inspiring and comprehensive website! Your chillin look great. I have a question because I agonize over the choice between the two lights that you have tested this. I wonder if the led lamp allows more (fan?) compared with LightWave lamp? Can find no info about it on their website. For it would be able to help me to make up my mind.
    Greetings Anna

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Anna!
      Glad you like my little page! There is no fan of either of these lights so they making noise not. The choice of lighting depends more on what you're going to have the lights to. Led lighting (Blue-White) works well for breeding of seedlings but when it comes to cover a greater surface area so it is better with fluorescent lighting. For the same amount that you are allowed to give for Led lighting (Blue-White) you will get you a LightWave T5 4×54 W 1690:- (Length 120 cm. Width approx. 40 cm.) or the slightly less LightWave T5 4×24 W 1090:-(Length 60 cm. Width approx. 40 cm.) Are you also in Chiliklubben or NSKC on Facebook then you have 10% discount on all LightWave T5 lighting.

      I need to know more about how you intend to use lighting to guide you right!

      • Anna says:

        Thank you Path for your reply!
        Me and my boyfriend have been thinking start the crops on a smaller scale (CA 0,6-1 M2) in our respective apartments for the breeding of plants like plants and flowers to my balcony and cultivation of lettuces and herbs all year round. As you see, we have not very location to it and therefore has the most watched tiny lights. It feels as 48-50 w lamp is a minimum electricity what do you think? We cannot think of light, which allows, wonder if the diodes on the led lamp is overheated electricity will not be the only white and blue light. It is not easy to plant lighting 🙂
        Greetings Anna

        • Stig Häggkvist says:

          Hi Anna!

          Is it not more than 1 M3 as the light to cover it goes very well with this blue – White Led lighting we should raise it up as the plants are soaring and getting bigger. This Led ramp has its chilling in the aluminium profile that lights are in, It works as a heat sink so there is no risk that it overheats. I have 2 St of this blue – White Led fixture as a I could spare at a good price, just contact me through the contact page.

          Led the ramp you can hang up by means of the brackets located on the ramp either on the ceiling or make your own little culture station with the help of a little stud frame and a piece of particle board, see

          If the smaller bulbs you looked at is Part of plants 5 – 20 Watt with Red – Blue Led so just in case I do not recommend these, then CFLs and fluorescent lights a much cheaper option and in many cases much better according to my tests. I agree right now to pick up one of my plant lights that you can purchase fittings plate and then self mount holders, cable, etc., a small video here soon on how to assemble it back together.

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