Habanero Congo trinidad and Bhut jolokia Strain II

Here are two varieties that I grow this year that will be interesting to follow, Habanero Congo trinidad and Bhut jolokia Strain II.

Habanero Congo trinidad

Congo pepper is the local name for the habanero chili pepper in Trinidad. Congo trinidad is an extra large red habanero significantly larger and more stem than the average red habanero chili. The plants produce a large number of fruits that are about 5 centimeters long and wide, with an intense heat. Matures to red after about. 80 – 90 dagar.

Bhut jolokia Strain II

Bhut jolokia Strain II is an enhanced version of world record holder 2011 in force!! Trunk II = light green. This variant will give much higher returns than the original while all other parameters, as heat and flavor has remained the same.

Have you grown any of these varieties?

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