Bido the steamer a new chili for me to grow this year

This is one of the varieties that I haven't grown previous. It's a Habanero from Brazil and also in Bolivia. It is pretty hot 100.000 – 250.000 SHU.

I have now been on the small Steamer Bido platorna in small platkrukor. Then it is the first time I grow this variety so I shall confine myself to draw up 3 plants of this kind. The plants will be about. 50 – 90 cm high and give fruits that ripen from green to yellow-orange. will be interesting to follow these plants development.

Have you grown this variety?

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2 Responses to Bido the steamer a new chili for me to grow this year

  1. Johan says:


    Wonder where you have got hold of your Steamer Bido seeds?
    See clearly nice to grow!

    Otherwise you'll have a really readable blog I think.


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