Test of the Led spot for plants with lågeneriglampa by uppdrivning by chiliplantor.

Now I've got a new Led spot from LEDLIGHT testing. It's a Super Growspot 20w with red and blue diodes. I'll test this against an energy-saving lamp with reflector.

I will test this Led spot against a 30W 4000 k CFL for 39:- Crowns. For it to be reasonably fair and I'll build a simple reflector for compact fluorescent lamp so that the light is directed downwards as it does on led light.

Led spot should correspond to a 250W bulb according to Ledlightbutikens data but if I look at the green light AB page so it is 125W applicable so it gets a bit confused! Low-energy bulb is equivalent to at least a 125W lightbulb in the luminous flux.

To compare Led for plants with conventional bulbs do I in o by itself is not the
When one does not usually grow plants under the conventional bulbs. Probably the intensity they are referring to when they compare against a light bulb that is to say how strong the shines….

Here's a little data on this Super Growspot:

Super Growspot 20w red/blue
Fanless, E27 socket, lighting surface 0,3-3 KVM
Corresponds to the:250w light bulb
Relation: 11:4 Red/Blue
Wavelength: 660/460NM
Beam angle: 120 degrees
Dimensions: 122x127mm incl. Socket
Life: Up to 30’000 hours

Price: 1.250,00 SEC

Suitable for all types of plants from seed stage through to flowering.

Extra lenses for narrower beam supplied with lamp, the beam is then 50-60 degrees. Extra lenses can be used to hang the light higher up for practical reasons or only highlight a growing more concentrated.

Super Growspot Alu are the latest diodes of high power type with high luminous flux. It is larger than the default Growspot and lampkroppen and cooling fins are all aluminum. Therefore, no fans.

Will be interesting to see how the small chiliplantorna developed in those 2 different lighting. This study starts as soon as everything is assembled and ready.

You'll find this Led spot and other other Led lights for plants here on ledlightbutikens website Click here:

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5 Responses to Test of the Led spot for plants with lågeneriglampa by uppdrivning by chiliplantor.

  1. Ronny says:

    Interesting! You wonder how it's going with the experiment?

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Yes you could no on the red blue led bulb growth was not everyone's so big that during low energy lamp. I aborted the test after 1 month and then growth both over land and under ground twice during low energy light than in led lamp. It will get a chance to and then I'll increase the heat 2 degrees where Led lights are and see if it makes a difference.

      I have a new test in the works (other brands) with an 18W Led for plants against low-power 20W there may you follow now because it is running now.

      • Andreas Haag says:

        Hey Stig,
        You can buy the same bulb here for about 330 SEK incl shipping.


        How did it go with the accompanying test?

        Have also been told that CFLs for notable bucks works just as well.

        Best Wishes, Andreas

        • Stig Häggkvist says:

          None of these lights, I think is something to have in the cultivation of chili. For a single plant can it work but not more. Fluorescent lamps and compact fluorescent lamps work better, according to my tests.
          If you want the led so it is better to bet on an led ramp from Parus the works and covers greater area. PS. It goes equally well with fluorescent lamps and compact fluorescent lamps.

          • Andreas Haag says:

            Thanks Stig,

            It was a good clarification, There are lots of led lights sold as better alternative crops. To the point is a replacement bulb is always a replacement. It's hard to replace the real solar energy from the Sun.

            I buy a good energy-saving lamp and put into the spot.

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