Now start planting the pots become too small for many of my chili.

Today it was time to school about a bunch of chiliplantor when they start to get a bit crowded on the feet in the small plant pots.

If training No. 2 will be in a 1,5 liter roskruka with a rosjord from the neighbouring farm which I mix out with perlite. Why neighbouring rosjord? well I was testing some different soil mixes because I think it's interesting to compare if that makes a difference to my own mixed “cheap” soil mixture.

There were some Trinidad Scorpion Morouga and Naga Morich chiliplantor as today got new pots to grow bigger in.

At this retraining so found I am not with slag chicken manure that await me with it's time for the next retraining to 4 liter pot.

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