Chili Dorset Naga bloom in basement!

My övervintrare that I cut down last fall really thrive in my fluorescent lamps. They bloom in full swing under fluorescent tubes!

There are many ideas about which additional lighting to use and what light to contain of colours to chili to grow and thrive and put flower. One of the best fluorescent tubes for this end goal is 36w Philips TLD 840 (4000 Kelvin) According to me. Many people use only color 965 (6500 Kelvin) at uppdrivning and winter storage and it goes well but mixing it with 36w Philips TLD 840 the plants seem to thrive even better and puts the flowers easier.

An option to get chili plants to flower is to use fluorescent lamps 965 and appointment of Red Led växtljus but it will be considerably more expensive and it doesn't get any more flowers than using fluorescent tubes 840 According to my tests.

PS. You can of course use other watt number of fluorescent lamps but it is the same color code!


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