Build a simple Plant station for a hanging plant bulb!

If you grow under a lamp such as a CFL so it's not always the desire to drill up a hook in the ceiling for hanging lamp. With this simple design so you do not need it.

You will need the following materials to build this Plant station for a hanging plant bulb.

1 St Rule 45×45 length 100 cm (can be made longer if you like)

1 St Rule 45×45 length 35 cm

1 St. chipboard 70×50 cm thickness 16 m. m.

4 St. möbeljul

Electric drill, screws and wood glue.

First, screw the furniture wheels at the corners on spånskivan.

Fasten the upright pole (rule 100 cm) in spånskivan with glue and screw from below.

Attach the second rule (35 cm) by placing the top of the upright pole with glue and screw.

Drill a hole for the power cable 3 cm in from the outer end of the rule 35 cm. The hole should be sufficiently large that you can put in a well-sharpened not sharpened wooden wedge and electrical cable in the hole, wooden wedge acts as a locking.

It raises and lowers the lamp by pulling the cord and then insert a träkil into the hole for the cable is fixed (Note the wooden wedge may not be sharp as the harm el cable.

That's all now Plant a station hanging plant bulb clear.

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