Now it's time for a new chilifrö Give Away!

giwe_away_2This time it is 5 seeds of varieties Habanero Big Sun, Datil and Habanero Burning Bush as the lucky winner will get in his berevlåda.


Note: This “Give a way” is completed. Congratulations Andreas Eriksson!


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The only thing you need to do after you liked my page is to post a comment about what you think of my little home page, good or bad, or maybe something you would like to know if chiliodling that you can't find on my page. This time, I have only one winner from the flower pot of all those who left me a comment on my little home page. The winner will be notified by email and on this site the 3 February 2013.


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27 Responses to Now it's time for a new chilifrö Give Away!

  1. Pierre Carlsson says:

    Nice site with a lot of interesting content!

  2. Niclas says:

    Think your site is extremely informative and interesting. I, as förstaårsodlare, really need all the help I can get and in recent times has the search function on your site gone hot! Please continue to share your knowledge!

  3. Mark Holmquist says:

    Do you have experience of winter chili that you can share? I've managed quite well many times but don't really know how =) Many find it difficult to find the right balance between water/nutrition/light and temperature.

  4. Stig Häggkvist says:

    Hi Markus!
    Thanks for your tips. I've been writing about how I spend my chiliplantor you'll find it under the tab “Odling” in my main menu on page. I have not thoroughly explained the relation Temperature, Light, water and nutrition but I'll add a simple explanation about it because it is, after all, it is important to know in order to succeed. High heat much of everything, låg värme mycket mindre av allt o.s.v

  5. Irene lindberg says:

    Du lyckas alltid hitta chilisorter jag inte ens visste fanns! Kul och inspirerande, dessutom får du med mycketodlingsinfounder tiden. Kan inte hitta något du missateller skulle kunna skriva om men återkommer gärna om jag kommer på något 🙂

  6. Roger K says:

    En välgjord sida där det finns mycket tips och råd att få.
    Utförlig och precisriktigt bra helt enkelt!

  7. Kalle says:

    Informativ sida, tydlig i guiderna!

  8. Peter R says:

    Perfekt sida för en nybörjare som mig!!
    Gillar dina tips o trix!,,

  9. Elisabeth S says:

    Lysande sida. Du e ett geni Stickan 🙂

  10. Lena Lundén says:

    Gillar din sida och dina kommentarer på de olika grupperna. That is precisely why I have sown chilifröna in Rootit cubes and the stands on an underwater station and with fluorescent lighting 2x36w over them. Has worked well. Most came up at about 5 dagar. Bellaforma, Blue Mystery, Cyclone and Most prolific Chacoense hasn't come up but may need a little more time. 🙂

  11. Johan Johansson says:

    I like the sharp. I use to be in and check around here.

  12. Andreas Eriksson says:

    Hey Stig!

    Your page is as impressive as your commitment and knowledge that you so willingly share. What I would like to see continuing more of are different tests/comparisons on various things. As germination at different temperatures, different types of soil, fattening mm.

  13. Billy Axelsson says:

    Great site you have here, get lots of ideas and info every time!

  14. Kerstin says:

    You will find always something new to learn at your side!

  15. Helene Andersson says:

    Always interesting to read your tips and ideas. In particular, is your site easy to read. I have ADHD and have trouble “Hurricane” read when there is too much and too little text and no images. You are bidding on easy-to-read and pictures which makes me do it with great interest.

  16. Andi Gero says:

    Here I have found many good tipps. Thank you very much that you share your experiences.

  17. Dan Bruhn says:

    Interesting and inspiring!

  18. Anne Malmborg says:

    Fun to read and be inspired by.

  19. Camilla Rehn says:

    A great page that is of tremendous help for anyone who grows chili! Especially like all the little video clips where you get an even better idea of the various components within the chiliodling. Your ingenuity is inspiring!

  20. Issac Hill says:

    Mkt innehållsrik sida för den som vill lära sig odla chili 🙂

  21. Christine Lab says:

    A very good site with a lot of useful information. I was particularly pleased with the description on how to build a lamp. I've decided that parts of my cultures should get moving down in the basement and then needed a lot of lighting, so this suited me perfectly!

  22. Conny H says:

    Good site has always been difficult to find chilisidor.

  23. Anders S says:

    Nice site with many useful tips. Any tips on growing is good tips =)

  24. Åse Augustson says:

    Good video on how to treat chiliplantor against lice. Began to grow chili for two years ago and the air is really difficult to get rid of. Last year, tvestjärtarna my best friends. The lice ate with gusto but left the plant in peace. I like to participate in the draw of chilifrö. Have never tried to grow Habanero.

  25. Stoffe says:

    Sarah page, a lot of tips and tricks and guides! It is estimated that!!

  26. Very good and nice page with lots of information about light that you don't find so easy otherwise. Perhaps a taste guide and tips on the hottest hot to the mildest plenty for those who look for new varieties to grow or for the beginner that looking kind-tips but still don't want to settle for the Weibull and Nelson's range. Even a photo archive with images of chilis and plants with names etc.. Might be something?
    Now, I don't want to work out, but think that the page is impressive enough yet! But you wanted some feedback.
    Oh what glorious Golden fruits you found this time!

  27. Ronnie S says:

    Have long searched for a chilisida like this. Got a lot of info from “Chilihead”s website, but it was still something that “missing”. Couldn't put my finger on it until now! To read all of the information you provide and your videos that you post make that interest in chiliodling have received new “spin” in the head. You give great information about cultivation, find out the facts from the outside and also smart current “smart solutions” for a cheap money.

    It is really a good site for chiliodling and DIY that I like. What I would like to see more of is to find “right” Chili. It's not easy. Like the taste from “fireflame” but it is not easy to find similar tastes. A “tasting schedule”, Now if you would call it as… 🙂 Samt vilken chili passar bäst till en sambo som inte gillar stark mat?

    Hope there will be more blogs about cultivation and DIY solutions for growing chiliplantor that will show up here. So in other words:

    To you others who like culture and DIY solutions, take out the camera and start documenting. Send blog link to this page. Think this blog is a very “Central” paragraph concerning dissemination of good and useful information and get the feeling that this blog will not be “die out”…

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