Att förstå sig på chilipeppar plantor?

Chili thrives best in tropical and Subtropical climates, and need lots of light,
both in summer and in winter, just as they would receive in the wild.

Light and temperature is just as important, because they both individually and together are a prerequisite for plant metabolism is enabled and that is precisely what makes it difficult to take care of chiliplantor during winter. Simply put, it works like this: The more light a chiliplanta may (which enables time photosynthesis), the warmer the plant must be to achieve a metabolic rate that is sufficient. The more heat a plant may (which increases metabolic rate), the more light is required for photosynthesis to
be sufficient.

If chiliplantan is not getting enough light for winter storage, at the same time as the metabolism becomes too fast because the temperature is too high a turnover of the plant more than it can generate by photosynthesis. In other words, eating away the at itself.

The bottom line is that you get to customize the light, water and nutrients in
relation to temperature.

The better we understand chiliplantan and how to influence it during hibernation phase, the better to deal with the whole situation. Then it's easier to find the övervintringsstrategi that fit depending on the where to store the plant. It is also possible to change some things in the event of problems.

My more detailed advice on wintering.

Storage in low temperature approx. 15 – 17 degrees.

Place the plant in a bright place, at a large window. With extra Lighting at least 10 hours/day, it is easier to manage. Low energy light bulbs or fluorescent light works great as a replacement lighting.

If the pot is directly on a cold floor, Set the pot on a piece of styrofoam that insulates well, It is customary to speak of "hot heads and cold feet" If you for example have the pots in a cold basement floors that hold a temp of 12 degrees and the room temperature is 17 degrees working roots slower than the hot sheets, which stress the plant and can cause it to lose its leaves.

Add no nutrition in October – frbruari

Water sparingly with soft, temperated water 1- 2 times were 14 day (just wet the Earth easy) the Earth will not be kruttorr and the plant should, of course, does not dry out completely.

Storage at room temperature approx. 20 – 24 degrees.

Place the plant in a bright place, at a large window. With extra Lighting at least 14 -16 hours/day, it is easier to manage. Low energy light bulbs or fluorescent light works great as a replacement lighting. In the winter in a warm place, you must water the very gently and adjust water quantity to the situation, the hotter it is the more water the plant requires but it needs then even very light. Be especially careful not to water too much and make sure that the plant is not with the roots in water. It is more common to plant drowning than they dry!

Water sparingly with soft, temperated water 1-2 times/week, Add a
a small child nutrition were 14 day.

Yes it was a bit more in depth how chiliväxter works and what I like to think about to succeed in both wintering and when you power up the seedlings.

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17 Responses to Att förstå sig på chilipeppar plantor?

  1. Fraser edgar says:

    “Venezuelan tiger ” any growing tips ? in conjunction with the king naga ? etc .
    Best wishes,

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Treat it like the other varieties to germinate. Heat 26 – 29 degrees and lots of patience it can take a long time to germinate.

  2. Leif says:

    Hi Stig again have another problem also moved my jamaican Bell from my växtljus ramp due to. space is limited to a West window but the grasp in hop despite fattening and water on a regular basis, guess it has no light from the ramp. But you know how I can make them happy again best wishes, Leif

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Leif!
      Hard to say what it could be but one reason may be that the new environment, light heat etc.. It will recover but it can take some time. You can also check out so it is not affected by any vermin which can do it sorry.

  3. Andreas says:

    Hey Stig!

    I have some habaneros, hot lemon and Trinidad% amp% scorpion who needs övervintras at room temperature. I've got some thoughts on lighting to make them survive winter. Do you have any tips on affordable, stylish lamps that can accomplish this? How many Watts do I need? It goes well with standard led from IKEA? Best Wishes, Andreas

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! No standard LED from IKEA has for low Watts you should up to 20W per plant. It goes well with CFLs 4000 k, then, cold-white that you put in a stylish light fixture and hangs over the plants. Lighting 14 – 16 hours when you have them at room temp. water and some TLC as usual, then they will grow further when the temperature. IKEA pendant PHOTO works well costs 129:- just to extend the cord if it is not enough to.

  4. Ulla Britta Ideryd says:

    Most of the plants in 15-17 liter pots. Can I cut back the roots too when I prune the plant, and put it in a smaller pots during the winter they (to save space/fit with the ones I want to try to Hibernate). Or, is it better to let them remain in their 15-17-liter pots and wintering fewer; There's seeds ;-)?

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Let the root system be and let them remain in the pots. In spring, you can repot them in fresh new Earth.

  5. Kim andersson says:

    Hi stig I now have over the summer started to cultivate carolina reaper chilies and they have been about 80 cm high now and I have them for about 18-20 degrees and will start putting up plant lighting now.
    What I am wondering is if I can get some ready-made fruits now over the winter with plant lights and nutrition? or if I should cut them down and wait until the spring?
    So how much should I cut them down?

    With kind regards. Kim

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      If you give them enough light, water and some TLC so you should be able to get fruit. Cut them down, you can then do in our rather than. Would you cut them down right now so cut off about 2/3 parts.

  6. Leif says:

    Hi, should you cut down the plants for winter? And how much do you make the? Näring, It goes well with any?
    This is my first plants, beginners on the plants at all 🙂

  7. MI says:

    Has been chiliodlare by pure chance and has a Scorpion butch as after transplanting in the spring shot off huge at the height (CA 1,5 FT), It is is OK if placed with extra lighting in the evening. It has a fruit that is growing nicely. It is also covered with flowers (just like my other two plants, an unknown and another Trinidad), but now has been told that I have to crop them and it hard. Why? Also wonder if they have pollinated by hand to form fruit, then I heard different.
    We will be away much during the summer; can they survive in självvattnande pots on a balcony vindsskyddad?

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! No why would you crop it? There is no reason. Chili does not provide more fruit to the cropped rather vice versa. Chili can be cut down if you wintered in rest and to not have any leaves and looks generally unwell out. Then you can crop it and give it new Earth to accelerate and grow again. You should have great självbevattnande pots when they drink a lot of water if they are to survive over long periods of time.

  8. Heidi says:

    Hey Stig! Got a surprise from a customer. A chocolate devils tongue. It's a very young plant. Love the, so is extremely happy. Just want to know some info how I take care of the. First of all, it is in a square plastic pot with holes in the bottom 11x11cm. Should I repot it? And if so, what structure and size? Really want it to flower. Can you give me some tips? Hugs Heidi

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hey Heidi! Repot it in a 4 – 6 litre pot in good soil, rosjord think chili on and it wont be mullrik and provides good nutrition. Place it in a bright window. You can then set the in atriums, balcony and outdoor in protected mode but not until midsummer when the night temperature stabilized. Chili is sensitive to Sun in the beginning so protect it if the Sun would bask on a whole day. Give it a little ordinary flower industry after about 3 weeks in the new Earth. Good luck with your plant.

  9. Johan says:

    Hey Stig.
    I have no room in the apartment, possibly for a plant, but has a mind to try to hibernate a few plants in the summer house where 8-10 degrees indoors in winter(from late November to late February or). Do you think they can stay alive these months without additional lighting? Or if I have to have a pair of fluorescent lamps, how many hours the temperature?

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi! 8 – 10 degrees is too cold for the chili, you should be up to at least 15 degrees and yes you need extra light.

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