Bygg en växtbelysning 60 Watt för ca. 300:-

Now I build again. This time it is a larger plant lighting in sheet metal and 2 St. 30W 4000 k compact fluorescent bulbs from auto parts store. Very light for the money!

I have been using a little spill plate then had some pieces stainless steel over I got put together in half to get the size I wanted. In the future, I will build a fully galvanized sheet metal to keep the joint and it is cheaper and reflects good.

Sheet metal piece you need to this construction should be 600×480 m. m. Pålten ticked since about 45 degrees at each 160 m. m, you will have a ceiling of 160 m. m and two angled sides on 160 m. m. The length of the luminaire becomes 600 m. m.

Then you need to 2 St. plate pieces of 130×100 etc. which attach to the sides of the fixture and then drill holes in and fix lamphållarna in.

On top of ceiling luminaire is a piece of mdf disc glued to get the fixture a little more stable when I use fairly thin plate. A junction box is bolted onto the disc to connect the two wires from the lamphållarna, There also was attached cord with Plug and on/off switch.

The suspension I fixed with 2 St skruvögglor which are attached but 2 screws one on each side, inside and outside, and a little plastic-coated varjer and some vajerlås.

The lighting I've tested at a height of approximately. 80 cm above the countertop as the plants are at, and then highlights it an area of about 150×150 cm so you get a room with a lot of plants in this lighting.

Do you want to build your own this kind of plant, tube and can't fix plate bit myself so I have sheet metal bit bent and complete with holes for lamphållarna in galvanized sheet metal for about. 350:- drill all the holes yourself so ca. 250:-

This is needed in addition to sheet metal fixture:

2 St. lamp holders E27
2 St. CFLs 30W 4000 k (Auto parts store)
4 m power cable
1 St junction box.
1 piece of mdf or chipboard 120×600 m. m
1 metre-plastic coated wire
2 St. vajerlås
2 PCs screws
1 St plug
1 cable switch
Total cost with sheet metal fittings, ca. 300:-

Here you can see the latest version of my ChiliLight

Please contact me if you have any questions.

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18 Responses to Bygg en växtbelysning 60 Watt för ca. 300:-

  1. Elin says:

    What great tips!!!

  2. Krister says:

    SEDAR, that does look not stupid out… Should probably take o crack to such!

    Thank you for last by the way, the little plants I downloaded at your häromsist thrive o grows.

    Panama City Beach

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hi Tracie!
      VA fun to chilisarna grow and thrive, You may update me later how they thrive and if they give a lot of fruit in summer/autumn.

  3. Lennart says:

    Very good tips,will be to make such,Thank you for your seeds by the way,have planted now,those who've come up now ,Trinidad moruga,Carolina reaper,Devils rib,I have just planted a and a seed will probably follow your tips to plant multiple seeds at the same time,read somewhere that it may take up to 3 weeks before any,is it true?.
    Best wishes,

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hello Lennart!
      Well it is true it might actually take even longer. Keep seed moist at all times and place it in a warm place where it wont grow faster. It needed no light as long as the seed did not cave so it doesn't matter if sowing is dark but check into it every day.

      Good luck with the cultivation!

  4. Mikael Rosén says:

    Hi! First of all,, amazing do-it-yourself articles you have done.

    I agree on and redo a room at home to the greenhouse and need to replace the backlight, so I thought about doing one of these.

    I was talking with a sheet metal worker, and he was a little puzzled over whether the galvanized plate not reflected enough, would you be able to tell you how it is supposed?

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Really pure white reflects better than plate. I have measured the light and reflection was 20% better on the white-painted than in bare metal and it is therefore
      I paint my white. It also works with sheet metal so you do not paint your light chilli plants will grow well anyway 🙂

  5. Mikael Rosén says:

    AHA, then I hang with, thank you so much 🙂

  6. Johan says:

    Very interesting site you have! This kind of light panel should I produce as soon as! Second year of chili this year!!


  7. Johan says:

    Kanonfin your latest ramp! Proffesional. I currently have cracked to the plate to the ramp according to your measurements. Get auto parts store on the way home today.

  8. Richard aston says:

    Hey Stig
    I'm thinking strongly to try to winter over some of my plants, read a while ago that you sold the lightbar (60w) and thought hear what you take for such, lights, I have already. As I understand, you can arrange with sheet metal piece, the holes I can enough to bore yourself. If you are kind enough to send me a cost estimate and what you think shipping costs, If you don't live that close so I can download itself.
    BEST WISHES, Richard

  9. Hanna says:

    Hi!! Just found your blog and it looks great! I have a little off-topic question, however, (You seem to of course most grow chili hehe), but I was going to start growing some vegetables (rocket, Salad, tomater) here at home, and am fairly new to this cultivation. Would this light you have built in the description act as uppdrivnings and growing bulb for my purposes? What adjustments would I need to do otherwise?

    Very grateful for answers, This is the best site I've found on hobby farming so far! So keep up the good work! And the big plus for DIY-descriptions!!!

    • Stig Häggkvist says:

      Hello Hanna! Yes it works great with other plants with not just chili. Most plants have the same light requirements and low energy and fluorescent lights have a wide range of light frequencies that plants like.

  10. Ola Westermark says:

    Hey Stig!

    I know this is a little older projects to your blog, but would still like to ask if you would be willing to build a similar metal fittings but adapted to stronger energy saving light bulbs on order?

    With kind regards,

  11. Lars Stenfeldt says:

    Low energy light bulbs is becoming hard to find in regular stores. Are the webshops that apply now?
    Biltema has no such lamps last longer.

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