Now a lot of new chilisorter grow up!

Now round two of chiliplantor on time and has grown until a little so you start to see a difference between the plants. Some stand in blue – White Led lighting and some under fluorescent lighting.

Here are the new kinds:

Habanero Big Sun
Bhut Jolokia Purple
Scotch Bonnet Orange
Habanero Burning Bush
Jamaican Hot Chocolate
Westindian Yellow Habanero
Habanero Red Dominica
Aji Cochabamba Hot
Aji Benito
Aji Ecuador ian Orange
THSC Naga 7
Purple Habanero
Trinidad Scorpion "Sunrise"

Is there any kind you are interested I have seeds left then I just wound 3 St. seeds of each variety, It's just contact me. Fröer 4:- St + 6:- in porto

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