How transports to chiliplantor when it's minus degrees out?

Today, I had a visit from Henry of Töreboda, He was here to download 100 St 1,3 pots to their chiliplantor.

Henry also got some chili plants home, including Habanero Viet Nam, Habanero Lucifer and St Martins Habanero from Caribbean and some kinds of. Transport to North Melbourne in a cool box of hard plastic, a very practical way to transport chiliplantor when it's cold outside because it insulates against the cold.

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  1. Henry says:

    Hey Stig,
    have now started school the 1,3 liter pots and they work really well.
    Satisfied with the quality.
    Get home a sack of Perlite in the weekend and with the following sample pack at a long-lasting natural fertilizing from India, GreeNeern. Sold by Greenspot AB in Sunderland, will be interesting to try.
    Dina plantor växer och frodas här i Tboda 🙂

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