Certainly, size importance! Time for a bigger pot!

Today it was time for a lot of chiliplantor to get a larger pot. Rose pots on 1,5 litres are genomrotade and roots need more elbow room for the plant to grow bigger. Now it became a 4 liter roskruka which I found with some clay and a little granulated chicken manure.

Some say that the size of the pots in the cultivation of chili has no meaning. In the sense that it is possible to grow in small pots so they have the right but to the plants you want to grow really big, it's large pots that apply.

The relationship between roots and leaves mass above ground should actually be about 50-50
Which means that to chiliplantan able to grow really big so you will need the roots have room to grow on. Offtast, it has too small a pot in which the roots can't grow large and then becomes not the green part of the Earth either so big.

It is important to plant the several steps do you take too big a pot at a time, the risk is that the Earth will become too moist, a large mass of soil can hold much moisture and plant roots take damage.

Then there are many thoughts and ideas on this pot size so I would like to point out that this is how I make with good results but it can certainly be other who succeed in other ways!

How do you get great chiliplantor?

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