Wow what a chilifrö it will be over! I am going to share with you

seedThen I shop seeds from far and wide as the seeds arrive down in my mailbox quite type usualy and I usually just gro 2 – 3 seeds of each variety so I get a lot of. So therefore I will now share with you the seeds I don't need to cost price + 8:- in shipping (postage stamp & mail bag) No matter how many seeds you buy.


I do not put on something on I do this not to make money but you pay what it has cost me per seed to obtain these. I've posted that you can buy 5 St. of certain varieties and 3 St of other. I know that the seed germinates well then I have them myself and now have small plants that will give fruits to the summer.

You can find förerna in my menu, button “My Seeds”

Give me a comment on what you think about this initiative!

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