Several small plants to put in pots!

Today it was time for a bit of schooling of plants again. This time it was, inter alia, “Bhut jolokia Purple” as you can see, the image, of course, the beautiful, the purple green speckled leaves. I grow all my chili now more in the Roor riot cubes then it germinate well in these cubes and it's very smoothly at retraining.

The other varieties besides Bhut jolokia Purple that had come down in plant pots today “Naga Viper”, “Bhut jolokia white” Now they will be in these pots about 3 weeks it is the amount of time it usually takes for the plants to form fine roots so they can get a larger pot. The plants will now be on a self watering tray, I have noticed that they feel much better when they get even sprinkling all the time. Light they get from my fluorescent lamps…

Build yourself a tray with a self watering tray it is not very difficult! You can see here how I make my tiles . Click here!

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