Frökjedja on Chiliklubben, Facebook!

For the first time, I am now in a Frökjedja on Chilklubben, Facebook. It is to be a number of people, one of these start kjedjan by adding in 20 kinds of chili in small bags with at least 5 seed in each and put in an envelope and send to social security numbers 1 on the list.

Yesterday came the letter in my mailbox with the 20 kinds of chili (I was number 1 on the list). I picked out 3 varieties that I wanted to keep and then stopped in 3 St of my chilli varieties into the bag and sent on to the next person on the list, It has 3 days to send it further but I sent away the same day.

The varieties I picked out are the ones you see in the pictures, Pimente Ivorian. (C. chinense), Inca red drops ((C). baccatum) and Heat Wave Orange (C. annuum).

A frökjedja is a very nice alternative to exchange seeds with their chilivänner. Are you not in the Chiliklubben on Facebook so join now so you can be in a Frökjedja or maybe even o with starting a self.

Click here to go to Chiliklubben.

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